Doesn’t matter what line of business you’re in, getting paid is important.

If you’re a small business or freelancer, creating and chasing invoices can be time-consuming, dragging you away from more crucial stuff. Like making money.

But as always, technology rides to the rescue with a potential solution.

There are various cloud-based tools that can help you organise and generate invoices, and make it easier for your customers to pay.

The last point is important, because getting clients to pay on time can be the difference between happy days and cash-flow jitters.

And if a customer gets an online invoice that lets them pay with just a few clicks, they’re more likely to deal with it there and then – which means you get paid quicker. At least that’s the idea.

We’ll take a quick look at five products in this article, but it’s just a tiny sample – there are loads of solutions out there.

Look around and do some research before sizing-up your preferred option.



1. freshbooks

This accounting tool does a lot more than just invoicing – it also helps you organise your expenses, record your bill-able time and generate reports.

You can even let your customers pay direct from an invoice through services like PayPal (or via credit card if you’re based in the US or Canada).

2. quick books

With over one million subscribers, Quick Books is an established cloud-accounting tool that offers all kinds of features and levels of service.

You can customise your invoices in lots of ways, generate them quickly and integrate them with other accounting tasks.

3. zoho

Zoho allows you to create invoices, send automated payment reminders, and let customers pay via your preferred online payment channel (e.g. PayPal).

And here’s a nice touch. You can also send automated ‘thank you’ messages to your clients after they’ve paid.

4. due

Featured on business and tech websites like Mashable and Inc, Due lets you send and track invoices, and manage lots of other aspects of finance.

You can also take (and make) payments through it. It’s a bit like PayPal in that sense, allowing you to take payments from customers all over the world.

5. wave

Wave is aimed at freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners with nine employees or less (although much bigger firms use it too).

Like the others, it lets you generate and track invoices, send auto-reminders, customise your terms and take payments online.

If you think an invoicing tool could be useful, it’s up to you to choose the right one.

Search around. Do your homework. Look at user-reviews. Maybe use the free trials offered by some providers to take their software for a spin.

The beauty of using cloud applications is that you can access them from pretty-much any device in any location – as long as you have a good web connection.

Some products even let you generate invoices from your smart-phone. Ideal if you’re on the go.