I’ve been a professional writer for nearly 20 years. I’m creative, have an eye for detail and understand what makes people (and search engines) tick.



Too many people bouncing off your pages?

Part of the problem could be your copy. If your words aren’t spot-on, your chances of getting people to take key actions (buy your products, sign-up for newsletters etc) when they visit your website are slim.

I can write text to encourage those key actions, while supporting your SEO keyword strategy.

Blog articles and landing-pages are second nature. Social media content, email and advertising copy (e.g. pay-per-click) are no problem either.




Writing is tough. If you’ve got key employees in need of a confidence boost – or you just want to re-energise your writing by getting a fresh perspective – I can help.

I share tried and tested techniques with participants through a mix of theory and practical work. The sessions usually last two-hours.

They’re thought-provoking and good fun, and provide lots of practical tips for people looking to improve their social media posts, blog articles, ads, news releases, website copy and more.

I’ll travel to most parts of the UK to deliver these workshops if numbers make it practical. If you can provide the venue (and coffee), I’ll bring the knowledge.

I’ll also be taking my workshops online in the near future, through a series of webinars and video tutorials.



There’s more to my writing than blog posts and landing pages.

I’ll turn my hand to pretty much anything. News articles, speeches, reports, presentations, film and radio scripts. You name it. 

Get in touch to see if I can help.