I’m an experienced digital marketing guy with a wide-range of technical skills across social media, blogging, web development, SEO, PPC and email marketing.

But the most valuable thing I can offer you is my strategic skill. Without a plan, you’re marketing is just a roll of the dice.



Imagine being able to target people already interested in the things you’re selling. Being able to put your message right in front of them – at the right moment – and driving them towards the key actions you want them to take (like buying your product).

Or being able to find and re-engage people who almost bought from you, but not quite. People who might just need that extra nudge.

Or building your relationship with loyal customers and brand advocates through targeted and carefully timed contact.

Imagine being able to understand how your customers behave online, what they want, what they think about your brand, and what they think of your competitors.

All these things are possible with digital marketing. And more. The potential is staggering.

And as the internet continues to weave itself into the fabric of our lives – through our phones, our tablets, our home appliances, our cars – the possibilities will grow.

I’ll help you achieve clarity about what you want from your digital marketing.

Then I’ll help you set clear goals and design a marketing funnel – and re-marketing cycle – that will optimise your chances of ‘conversion.’

‘Conversion’ is just marketing-speak for getting your customers to do the things you want them to do. Buy your product, request a demo, provide an email address – whatever you’re aiming for.